Chronicles of Antedom

The First Year

6th Sarenith, 4711 AR

On this day by the grace and wisdom of the Swordlords of Restov and Noleski Surtova, Regent of the Dragonscale Throne the lands known as the Greenbelt were granted to the Liberators and given the right to rule.

It is my honor to record the founding of the newly formed Kingdom of Antedom, its capitol Levington, ruled by the most wise and just Valen an’Metho, Slayer of the Demon God, Herald of the Silver Dragon, Holy Creator of the Claws of Redemption, and Lord King of Antedom. May his line reign eternal.

So also on this day was created the subject provence of Sanglier, to be ruled in the kings name by Isabeau Javier, first of her line and baroness of the lands so granted to her and her family by the Lord King.

8th Rova, 4711 AR

Herein recorded are the deeds of the Kingdom of Antedom. This summer showed the true difficulty taming the Stolen Lands and why its wild nature has resisted civilization for so long. Lord Valen and his wise council made sought to found their new kingdom with construction of such fundamental structure for a prosperous society as Stables, Stockyards, Farms, and Roads. Despite their efforts the populous was slow to come to terms with the new order being established and it was through both cunning, charm, and the imposing presence of Fell Kandle “The Wolf” order was maintained during these critical months.

To the south Gravethorn cultivated inward, building to see to the needs of the newly formed Gravethorn Company and its charge to secure the wild areas surrounding the former center of the Stag Lord’s power. As such structures of war were soon built including smithy, barracks, and stone walls. The lawless nature of these southern citizens soon manifested and widespread unrest quickly spread. At the behest of Baroness Javier The Wolf was dispatched to Gravethorn to quiet the populace.

1st Kuthona, 4711 AR

Within the heart of the kingdom the wisdom of Lord Valen and his deft councilors saw the quick expansion of the the Kingdom to the surrounding territories. Strong road systems and an abundant stock of newly arrive citizens quickly saw the outlying areas given over to rich farmlands to feed the Kingdom. Within the capitol growth slowed in favor of this aggressive expansion beyond Levington’s borders.

Within Sanglier the Gravethorn company continued to grow soon proving to be a formidable force of order. Tragically, a bitter wind came from the south and an early frost destroyed the crop before harvest and pushed the native game from the area seeking warmer climes. This tragic turn of events led to a swell of refugees to Gravethorn, overwhelming its fledgling resources. Food shortages soon led to sharp tempers, and the heavy hand of The Wolf was seen as oppression rather than law and soon riots and lawlessness prevailed.

3rd Pharast, 4712 AR

The harsh winter in the south soon reached the north, but the precious weeks warning before its advance saw Levington well prepared. Expansion into the Narlmarches continued as the capitol finished several finer institutes such as the hallowed library which is my charge, and trade shops.

In Sanglier food shortages continued. Baroness Javier and the Gravethorn Company worked tirelessly in the creation of further housing to protect the swelling population of refugees. Most remarkable of all, engineers of Gravethorn Company saw through the completion of the roads connecting Gravethorn to the Antedom roadways, including building a fine stone bridge across the confluence of the Thorn and Shrike Rivers. Sadly this triumph was met with bitter loss as many died in the harsh conditions.

1st Sarenith, 4712 AR

Truly the Kingdom of Antedom is blessed by the Gods. A prosperous spring saw further expansion into the plain to the west of the Narlmarches and further cultivation of farmlands to feed our great nation. Under the sure guidance of the council Leveton saw the the building of a divine shrine to Erastil, barracks for the Levington Wardens, and a new inhabitant a Gnomish artificer and glassblower, who claims to be able to weave wonderful magicks into his delicate creations. Already his wondrous works have caused the delight of all.

Spring was a sad relief to the people of Sanglier. While the spring sun brought hope it also revealed the true tally of death’s grim toll. Hundreds had died during the winter and an with heavy heart Baroness Javier ordered construction of further homes and an orphanage to shelter those most innocent in the eyes of the Gods.



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