Kobold Conundrum

Wherein we decide our plan for the Sootscale


1. Let them alone for now, establish diplomatic relationship, and make them march on our enemies when we have them. 2 pts.

2. Fell, Gravefoot, or Valen challenges Sootscale for leadership and we sort them out later. 7 pts.

3. Tell them to leave. If they don’t, make them leave. 6 pts.

All precincts reporting.

Who fights?

Fell 12 pts.
Gravefoot 8 pts.
Valen 8 pt.
Arumn 1 pt.

4.25/5 precincts reporting.


Good luck brother Fell Wolf. I look forward to the report of your adventure.

Arumn would offer an honor guard, that would include himself, to join you in support of your conquest.

Kobold Conundrum

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