Chief Sootscale

Godslayer, Warlord of Horde Sootscale


Male Kobold Barbarian
Neutral Evil


Warlord of Horde Sootscale
Warlord of The Godslayers


Sootscale is power hungry and selfish. True to his word as long as it conveniences him, Sootscale will break a bargain without thought if it serves his self interest. Though primitive in intellect, it is a foolish person who underestimates his low cunning. Sootscale’s loss of station to Tartuk has made him paranoid of threats to his power, and he is given to frequent public displays of barbarous torture inflicted upon those he has declared as subversive to the Horde.


Chieftain of the largest tribe of kobolds in the Greenbelt, The Sootscale tribe’s growth was always checked by a hive of mites. The two groups were perpetually locked in a stalemate that seemed never ending.

Sootscale believed his luck had changed when a kobold shaman named Tartuk arrived. Tartuk was in possession of a stone idol fashioned in the form of a mighty demon king, Sharptooth. Tartuk claimed that he was the favored disciple of Sharptooth and with his help the stalemate with the mites would be broken. Sootscale readily agreed to Tartuk’s aid, only to find his influence within his tribe slipping away as the kobolds fell to the Cult of Sharptooth.

Fortune broke in Sootscale’s favor when a mite raid saw the idol of Sharptooth stolen. Both Tartuk and Sootscale sought the recovery of the idol. Tartuk required the idol to continue his hold over the tribe. While Sootscale desired it to prove Tartuk as a fraud and reclaim his throne.

The Greenbelt Liberators proved to be just the tool that Sootscale required. With the adventurers’ strength of arms the idol was recovered and the mites put to the sword. Sootscale shattered the idol, breaking Tartuk’s hold over the tribe. In a bloody purging Sootscale reestablished himself as Chieftain.

Declaring the adventurers his personal guard, The Godslayers, Sootscale used the specter of their might to solidify his position as never before. Word of Sootscale and his Godslayers soon spread and kobolds eager for glory flocked to his banner. Almost overnight Horde Sootscale was born. In the ensuing months other monstrous races heard of the growing Horde, pledging their service or seeking alliance with the Horde.

Chief Sootscale

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