Falgrim Sneeg

Master of Spies


Male Human Rogue
Lawful Evil

STR: 14
DEX: 17
CON: 13
INT: 10
WIS: 15
CHA: 11

Key Equipment:

Black Iron, Hooked Longsword
Blessed Throwing Knives
Cloak of Displacement


Spymaster of Antedom
Spymaster of Sanglier
Captain of Gravethorn Company


Falgrim is quiet and reserved, betraying little outward emotion. He speaks only when directly engaged, and then keeping his words only to the minimum that is required. Nonetheless he speaks with authority, possessing a sure wisdom acquired from years of experience.


Falgrim has always preferred to keep his head down and eyes fixed on the job at hand. Ruthlessly pragmatic, Falgrim cares little for those who get in the way of his objective—killing with no satisfaction, but no remorse either, if the job requires it. Not ambitious beyond food in his belly, Falgrim proved to be an able and steadfast lieutenant in several criminal organizations throughout the anarchic River Kingdoms.

Forced to flee Daggermark when his former gang ran afoul of several members of the Outlaw Council, Falgrim fled north to the Greenbelt where he joined the Stag Lord. Not fond of his new employer due to the Stag Lord’s mercurial temperament and drunken rages, Falgrim’s true loyalties fell with Captain Javier to whom he remains a loyal lieutenant.

Falgrim Sneeg

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