Valen son of Metho

A youth balancing who he is with who he expected to be


22 July 2014

A year and a half spent adventuring and kingdom building has greatly influenced the way Valen carries himself. While still possessing a tall and thin frame topped by wide shoulders and too long arms; gone are the gangly, uncoordinated movements. Arumn’s training has replaced this with sure and precise movements that possess a measure of grace.
While close to a third of his hair has now turned to silver; his youth can still be seen in his sharp featured face, blunted only slightly by his beard. Close inspection of his face will also reveal faint patches of reptilian like silver scales starting to come up from under his skin.
His normal black pants and white tunic are covered by a fine chain shirt whose silver rings seem to shine brightly even in dim light. The shirt is matched by a set of greaves set to his tall black boots and bracers resting over finger-less gloves. In place of his father’s tabard he now wears one of his own design, solid blue cloth with a silver dragon set in the center. He wears a new cloak, all black with silver trim, woven over the breast is a circle of green with Antedom’s heraldry center set. The catch for the cloak is a small cunningly crafted long sword with the rays of the sun shining behind in honor of Iomedae.
He still carries his unusual spear with its long blade and large spike at the base. As always bound to the outside of his light pack is a well cared for but broken long sword also bearing the symbol of Iomedae, it rests quietly in its faded silver & blue sheath.


Sorcerer lvl 4 (Bloodline: Draconic), Fighter lvl 1
Human Male
Neutral Good
Campaign Trait: Rostlander +1 Fortitude Save
Age: 17, Height 6’6, Weight 232 lbs.
Spd: 30 (Light Load)

STR: 14
CON: 12
DEX: 12
INT: 12
WIS: 10
CHA: 20

Hit Points: 45
AC: 18, 17 flat, 11 touch

Will Save: 5
Fort Save: 2
Ref Save: 4

Perception: +7
Skills: Bluff 9, Diplomacy 6, Intimidate 9, Knowledge: Arcane 8, Knowledge: Dungeoneering 5,Knowledge: Engineering 5, Knowledge: Religion 2, Perception 7, Ride 5, Profession: Soldier 4, Profession: Ruler 4, Spellcraft 7, Use Magical Device

Base Attack: +3
Primary Attack (Natural Attack)
Claws x2: Touch | +6 | 1d4 + 4 (S,M) | Crit: x2 | (8 rounds/day)

Secondary Attack (Spell)
Burning Hands: 15ft cone | 5d4 Fire | Save DC: 17 Ref | Catches them on fire

Secondary Attack (Spell)
Flaming Sphere: 100ft | 3d6 Fire | Save DC: 18 Ref | Catches them on fire

Secondary Attack (Spell)
Shocking Grasp: Touch | 5d6 Lighting | Save DC: 17 Fort | Catches them on fire

Eschew Materials, Arcane Strike, Toughness, Weapon Focus (Natural Attack), Arcane Armor Training, Additional Traits, Spell Mastery (Evocation)
Armor Proficiency: Light, Medium, & Heavy; Shield Proficiency;
Weapon Proficiency: Simple, Martial

Magic Items:
Amulet of Natural Armor +1
Mithral Chain Shirt +1
Helm of Charisma +2

Spear: To Hit: +5, Dmg: 1d8 + 4 (P,M), Crit: x3, Range: 20ft, Special: Brace
Dagger: To Hit: +5, Dmg: 1d4 + 3 (P/S,M), Crit: 19-20/x2, Range: 10ft

0: Unlimited: Detect Magic, Dancing Lights, Ray of Frost, Mending, Prestidigitation, Open/Close
1: 8/Day: Burning Hands, Shield, Shocking Grasp, Enlarge
2: 4/Day: Endure Elements, Flaming Sphere

Bloodline Powers:
Bonus Cold Dmg: +1 point of damage per die rolled
Dragon Resistances: +1 Natural Armor, Cold Resist: 5



“I was younger then. Full of doubt as to my future and where it would lead. Wishing for a path already taken, but forced to forge a new path through unknown territory. I was lucky to meet my companions then, I surly would have faltered without them.”
- Tales of Faith and Magic by Valen


Valen’s true birthday has always been a mystery. Instead his father insisted on celebrating his “found day,” the day his father found a basket in front of his door with a blanket wrapped baby and a note from the mother. A stunned Metho gathered up the little bundle and brought the child in from the cold winter night. Once settled with the babe sleeping in his arms he read the letter:

“Dearest Metho,
There is so much to tell and so little time in which to do it. First, this child is our son Valen. Shortly after I left our group I realized I was with child. I thought to seek out you then but the danger was still to great, my hunters close. Although I was able to bring him to term I fear I cannot care for our son as needed. I am not sure yet how much of my kinds power lays dormant in his blood. If it is as much as I fear it will be hard for him to control, but control it he must lest it over whelm him. You must guide him in this, as I will not be there to do so. I wish we could be together, my love, as a family. To my great regret this cannot be, you know the ones who hunt me. If they where to find you they would use you and Valen against me. It is a chance I cannot take. Watch over our son my love and seek me not.
-Yours in Silver”

The villagers of Rothmire helped Metho adjust to his sudden fatherhood, but even with their assistance it was difficult to balance his job as the magistrate and militia leader with his new role as a father. Often he would bring Valen to the yard as he drilled the men and to the main hall to hear grievances. The quite boy was a constant at his fathers side; as he grew many would remark that he had a calming aura as people always felt at ease around him.

Although he played with other children from his village one of his favored pass times was still watching his father work. He would observe him deal fairly with people as the magistrate, witnessed his prowess in combat at the yard, and live a simple but honorable life. These qualities, he decided, were what brought him the respect of the people of the village.

As he grew older Valen’s desire to join militia grew as well, he wanted to start his training to be just like his father. Metho forbid him from joining the militia early due to his age as well as his reluctance to see his son fight. Instead he offered to teach him the ways of Iomedae, The Lady of Valor, the values of justice, law, and honor. Valen eagerly accepted, as to him it was another opportunity to learn how to be more like his father. Unfortunately the lessons ended abruptly with his father’s disappearance.

Recent travelers passing through the village had brought news of an increase in the number of bandits crossing into Brevoy from the Stolen Lands. Disturbed by this news Metho gathered the members of the militia and set regular patrols around the village. Shortly after starting the patrols the village was awakened to the sound of combat to the south. By the time the first to investigate arrived 13 bodies littered the small clearing, eight looking like outlaws and five members of the militia. Of Metho, who had led the patrol that night, all that remained was a broken long sword bearing the sign of Iomedae.

After the disappearance the villagers came together to support the tall, diligent boy who had lost his only parent. The quite boy grew even more reserved but he did his best to repay the kindness of his neighbors. Valen worked hard to help anyone who needed him, the only time away from these odd jobs was when he went to watch the militia train. Seeing the men train brought back the memories of his father and the teachings he have him. The desire to follow in his father’s footsteps grew ever stronger.

Seeing his interest in the militia and not knowing his father’s reluctance; Norel, the new head of the militia, let him train. He started Valen’s training with simple weapons including the spear and the crossbow. Although he didn’t seem to poses any natural talent for weapons, the tall boy was diligent in his training and, after a time, was able to participate in group training with the other men. Unfortunately Valen’s time training with the village militia was cut short as part of his mother’s legacy reviled it’s self.

During a routine spear practice Velan’s tall form suddenly crumpled out of the formation, the sound of the haft of his spear snapping in his hands drew the attention of all the men on the training yard. Those closest to Valen rush forward to see what cause the disturbance, as they rolled the distressed boy over they saw the flesh on his hands and forearms swelling and rolling as though something was trying to work it’s way out. With a cry of pain Valen clench his swollen hands into fist, after a moment the appendages expanded then with a loud pop burst, releasing a fine silver powder into the air. After the air had cleared Valen gaze was locked on the arms before him. His pale hands had been replaced by silver scaled claw ending in sharp talons.

The crowd around him pulled away in horror, as they watched Valen’s hands seemed to melt and reform into human hands only the finger nails keeping a faint silver hue. Quickly Norel stepped forward and grabbed the boys hands pulling him to his feet. Valen sagged against to the older man and he guided him to his house. Norel helped the tall boy sit by the fireplace. Valen thanked the older man and asked him what was happening to him. Norel sat down across from him and stayed silent for a long time before he spoke.

“Lad, you have had a life more then full of its share of sorrow already. But there are those out there who have had it even worst. Will folk talk about today? Aye. But this is your home and everyone knows the worth of the blood in ya. Your father was a great man, called to greatness some said. That being said I’m not sure what hands like that are meant to do but I’m sure you won’t find that task here in this village. As fate would have it we got a message to post in the main hall today. It says the Aldori Swordlords are looking for folk to go into stolen lands and reclaim them for Restov. May hap you will find your answers out there to the south. Think on what I have said for a bit and if you find your of a mind to go come by my house tonight and I’ll give you a letter of introduction and some gear to ease your way.”

With that he stood and departed leaving Valen by the fire with thoughts of the Stolen Lands on his mind.

Valen son of Metho

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