The Gravethorn Company Contract

Item 1: GravefootThe half-orc known as Gravefoot is hereby promoted to the position captain within the Gravethorn Company. His primary duty is to advocate on behalf of the Gravethorn Company with whomever is in charge of the Greenbelt. While this is a true position within the Gravethorn Company it will be considered honorary in nature, therefore Gravefoot will not receive payment for this position.

Item 2: ResponsibilityThe Gravethorn Company is hereby tasked with the manning, maintenance and defence of the newly named ​Fort Gravethorn and its surrounding lands. (This shall be defined as the hex it occupies and the hexes spanning from Fort Gravethorn along the Thorn River to the Thorn River camp.) These lands are to be under the sole custodianship of ​the Commander of the Gravethorn Company; currently Isabeau Javier. These lands shall be granted to her and shall remain her family’s hereditary lands so long as they remain loyal to the Liberators of the Greenbelt.

Additional assignments are to be negotiated separately.

Item 3: PaymentFor the immediate maintenance and repair of Fort Gravethorn a sum of 500 gold pieces shall be paid to the Gravethorn Company. In addition to this a sum of 20 gold pieces shall be paid out once per month for upkeep of ​Fort Gravethorn and surrounding area for one year. After one year an assessment of the Fort and and surrounding lands will be made to reassess the need for this payment. It is required that all supplies and equipment for the Gravethorn Company and Fort Gravethorn’s restoration must be purchased through Oleg’s Trading Post or other Greenbelt locations as they develop. If the necessary equipment is not available then other vendors may be used at the Commander’s discretion.

For the salaries and provisioning of the Gravethorn Company a sum of 45 gold pieces shall be paid on a monthly basis. An additional 3 gold pieces shall be paid for new recruits, 6 gold pieces for additional new soldier, and 10 gold pieces for new lieutenants. Those being considered for the position of lieutenant must be approved by whomever rules the Greenbelt. Additionally, the current Gravethorn Company shall not exceed 15 soldiers in size, however the Commander of the Gravethorn Company may petition to increase the companies size whenever they wish.

Payments shall be made on a quarterly basis with the first payment being: 695 gold pieces.

Item 4: IncomeCommander Isabeau Javier and her line will have the right to charge a reasonable tax to settlers with in her granted lands. If income from these taxes exceeds the amount needed for the upkeep of Fort Gravethorn, its surrounding lands, and payment to her company the extra will be split equally between Commander Isabeau and the Liberators of the Greenbelt.

In addition, any income generated from the capture of the bandits or lawbreakers within Fort Gravethorn’s assigned lands will be split equally between Commander Javier and the Liberators of the Greenbelt.

Signed and recognized on this date the 15th of Erastus in the year of the Burning Sword by:

-Commander Isabeau Javier

-Gravefoot of Pharasma

-Valen Methoson

The Gravethorn Company Contract

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