I am a servant of Vali. Vali who was birthed solely to kill Hoor, who killed his twin.


Male Kobold Druid
Neutral Evil

Key Equipment:

Frost Heart (An ice blue sapphire set in his stave, which channels bitter cold.)


Ahghir is cryptic and smug, supremely self confident in his (and presumably his lord’s) superiority over anyone he deals with. He speaks in riddles and delights in sowing discord and confusion.


What little information that is known about Ahghir comes from two sources: Gravefoot and a kobold member of The Godslayers whom Falgrim coerced into providing information.

From Gravefoot:

Ahghir is not from here. He was sent, at least initially, to find Gravefoot. Gravefoot trained with Ahghir in the ways of primal magic and unarmed/staff combat for a year in secret as the kingdom of Antedom was being founded. The entire year Gravefoot spent traveling the kingdom, getting to know the people and the lay of the land Ahghir was with him.

Ahghir was a harsh and often cruel instructor. There were many times where only Gravefoot’s ability to channel Pharasma’s healing gift made it so that he survived some of his lessons.

Ahghir answered to someone. Throughout the year he would often refer to “Him.” Mainly railing against the fact that “He” wouldn’t let Ahghir kill Gravefoot. Occasionally a drum beat would announce the presence of someone, who seemed to be able to command Ahghir. That drumbeat sometimes helped Gravefoot in the same manner as Arumn. But other times Gravefoot could swear the beat would make him susceptible to thoughts and suggestions he wouldn’t normally be okay with.

Be it under Ahghir, or Ahghir under instruction, Ahghir did lead Gravefoot to the corrupted unicorn corpse.

Ahghir insisted on speaking orcish, at least to Gravefoot. name for Gravefoot translates to “Ogre-mind, or Ogre-brain”. Ahghir referred to most of the civilized people in an orcish term that roughly translated to “food-people”. He would refer to the ways of his people in orcish terms like, the breakers, the razers, the marrow-drinkers, the mighty, and the takers.

From the Kobold Godslayer:

Ahghir comes from the Icerime Peaks in Brevoy. He wished to treat with Chief Sootscale on a matter of some importance—the location of a half orc “whelp.”

Sootscale agreed to allow Ahghir free passage through his lands, and gave him the location of the only half orc he knew—Gravefoot.

Ahghir seemed satisfied with this information and then was not seen again for nearly a year.

When Ahghir returned he once again met with Sootscale, but the kobold Godslayer was not privy to the meeting. However, Sootscale was furious after Ahghir left, and the warlord slew several kobolds to sooth his rage.

Afterwords, Sootscale tasked four kobold “burglars” to shadow Ahghir. Three of the burglars’ bodies have been found, and the fourth is presumed dead as well. It was soon after that Sootscale agreed to meet with the representative of the Hoargulka Tribe. An overture he had refused until then.


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