Fell Kandle


A surly young man, Fell Kandle is a short, dark eyed human. His face has two bright pink scars on one cheek, but there are several older scars that have almost completely faded away. Fell’s sour expression softens only when he talks to Baldwin, the mottled gray horse he rides. Over his hide armor he wears a long travelers cloak, but when the cloak shifts, a number of wicked looking spikes can be glimpsed attached to his knee cops and sabatons. His ragged gear shows the wear of long miles, but the sword on his back has a keen edge. Among his mismatched equipment, the longsword’s quality stands out. It is clearly his most prized possession, and he knows how to use it.
Human, M, CG, Ranger
Age: 19, Height 5’4", Weight 195
HP: 20
Spd: 30
Str 18, Dex 15, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 9
AC: 18, 16 flat, 12 touch
Fort 3, Ref 4, Will 1
Skills: Climb 8, Perception 6, Ride 7, Stealth 7, Survival 6, Handle Animal 4, Knowledge Nature 4, Knowledge Geography 4, Swim 8
Feats: Power Attack, Point Blank Shot, Rapid Shot
Favored Enemy: Human
Trait: Sword Scion
Languages: Common


The second son of an Aldori nobleman, Fell’s childhood was steeped in the traditions and legends of the Sword Lords. His family was rich more in pride than wealth. Fell’s father raised the two boys to be proud of their heritage, pressing upon them the importance of honor. For his father, any insult, real or perceived, justified the sword. Fell learned early on to protect himself with a blade. To escape his family’s rigid expectations, Fell regularly sought solace in the wilds around his home, working with the game hands and spent most of his youth on the back of a horse.

Fell has been quiet about how he ended up in his current circumstances, but it is clear that he is eager to get out into the wilds. The fresh scars on his face bely a recent duel that perhaps did not go well.

Fell Kandle

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