Isabeau Javair

Baroness of Sanglier


Female Human Paladin | Barbarian
Chaotic Good

STR: 15
DEX: 11
CON: 14
INT: 12
WIS: 14
CHA: 18

Key Equipment:

Heirloom Bastard Sword
Celestial Full Plate (Worn only when making an impression. Favors a simple breastplate with Gravethorn Company surcoat.)
Ring of Sustenance
Acheron (Destrier)


Baroness of Sanglier
Grand Diplomat of Antedom
Commander of Gravethorn Company


Outwardly, Javier projects a veteran soldier’s detachment and pragmatism. For those who come to know her, she is a woman of intense passion. Her own sense of what is just and fair is deeply ingrained, and she never falters from what she believes to be right. Often this can lead others to see her as being harsh or uncompromising.


Originally known only through Gravefoot’s devotion to “the one who was kind.” Captain Javair was a mercenary working out of lower Brevoy before disappearing. When her mercenary company was ambushed by bandits she was taken south to the Stag Lord where, to preserve her life, she joined the bandit company.

Seeking to leave the employee of the Stag Lord who she saw as reckless and brutal, Javair struck a bargain with the Greenbelt Liberators gaining them entrance to the Stag Lord’s fort. The ensuing confrontation was fierce but short with the Greenbelt Liberators victorious.

Intrigued by Gravefoot and Valen’s grandiose plans for the Greenbelt, she shrewdly gambled that the Greenbelt Liberators would succeed in their plan to bring civilization to the Greenbelt. Negotiating territory in the yet to be established Kingdom in exchange for service and security. The gamble paid off and Javier soon found herself the hereditary noble to the newly formed provence of Sanglier and declared Grand Diplomat of the new Kingdom of Antedom.

Javier quickly saw to establishing her fledgling barony in the manner with which she was most familiar—militarily—with the formation of the Gravethorn Company. While this formation saw early success an early and severe winter saw to a dramatic influx of refugees to the newly formed city. With resources taxed to the breaking point Javier was forced to expend considerable time and coin to provide shelter to the new citizenry.

After months of hardship the winter passed and Javier was able to see to her people, and found that her planned mercenary company outpost had turned into a small town, Gravethorn. Determined to succeed she has bent her will to further establishing Gravethorn and Sanglier.

Isabeau Javair

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