Junger the Redeemed

A former bandit seeking right past wrongs


Male Human Bard
Chaotic Neutral


Dragon of Claws of Redemption


It could be argued that the hardships in Junger’s life have driven him quiet mad. He possesses the fervor of a zealot, speaking with absolute conviction in the divine purpose of the Greenbelt Liberators. Helpful and friendly to those he considers faithful, he becomes dismissive and rude to those that show a lack of faith.


Given to fanciful tales as a youth, Junger soon turned his meager gift for storytelling into graft and small time swindles that saw him routinely spending time in the stocks. In time the Restov watch commander grew tired of the grifter’s cons and Junger fled to avoid execution.

Junger suffered within the Stag Lord’s ranks, his skills at graft all but useless to the bandits’ tactics of intimidation and violence. Ill suited to the hard life, Junger found himself all but starving as stronger bandits stole or refused his share of the spoils. Junger saw Kressel’s death at the Thorn River camp and his capture by the Greenbelt Liberators as a rescue from the miserable life he currently led.

With the party’s rapid rise to position and importance, Junger increasingly viewed their fate as ordained by the gods, and his rescue a calling to join them. With the zeal of a convert, Junger began to preach his beliefs to anyone who would listen, drawing to him the poor and dispossessed of the newly formed kingdom.

Junger the Redeemed

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