Oleg Leveton

Husband, father, no-nonsense advisor.


Male Human Expert
Chaotic Good

STR: 13
CON: 14
DEX: 10
INT: 10
WIS: 14
CHA: 9


Treasurer of Antedom
Owner Oleg’s Trading Post


Oleg is a middle-aged man with a no-nonsense attitude and fierce pride. Oleg decided to move to the Greenbelt to get away from the constant machinations and political maneuverings that dominated urban life in Restov. Exceptionally practical, Oleg favors a simple life his primary motivation to see to the comfort and welfare of his wife, Svetlana and newborn son.


Oleg’s Trading Post inhabited the southern edge of Rostland (and thus Brevoy). Owned and operated by a stern and somewhat unimaginative man named Oleg Leveton and his wife Svetlana, the trading post’s remote location and inconvenient distance from a major river prevented it from realizing significant financial success. All Oleg ever really wanted with his trading post was a place for him and his wife to live far enough from the sins of civilization without living so far that he couldn’t enjoy all of its benefits. Accepting a charter from Restov to rebuild an abandoned border fort into a trading post seemed like the perfect solution.

Oleg and Svetlana spent many months rebuilding the old fort. Their customers were few and far between, consisting mostly of trappers, hunters, and an eccentric local hermit named Bokken, but the trade in furs, jerky, and the occasional magic potion from Bokken were enough to keep them in business. At least, until word of the trading post caught the attention of the bandits who infested the Greenbelt to the south.

Were it not for the fact that he feared for his wife’s fate, Oleg would have doubtless sacrificed his life to the bandits in a foolish attempt to defend his stock when they first paid a visit. The fact that he was forced to turn over each month’s stock to the bandits shamed him, but he did his best to mask that shame with a stubborn and gruff attitude. His wife Svetlana knew how much the situation pained him, and that she was the reason that he did not stand up to the bandits and how that act of humility crushed his soul. She pleaded with him several times to abandon the post and return to Restov, but Oleg stubbornly refused to give in that completely. His only concession to Svetlana’s wishes was to send several requests to the city for reinforcements whenever a trapper or hunter stopped by on their way back to civilization. The arrival of the Greenbelt Liberators was the first chance Oleg had to stand up to the bandits.

With the death of the Stag Lord and the foundation of the Kingdom of Antedom, Oleg has been humbled by his new position and the honors bestowed upon him and Svetlana. He works with his customary determination to ensure he does not fail in his new role of treasurer.

Still, he worries that Antedom and the Greenbelt Liberators may merely be pawns in some larger scheme that he cannot understand, and that the very politics and maneuverings that he sought to escape have now come to the Greenbelt.

Oleg Leveton

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