Female Half Orc Barbarian
Chaotic Good


Sigri has long ago left her home, cloistered in the mountainous regions, Sigri had made her way to Brevoy where her sizable strength and skill at arms lent her into service of one of the free-companies fighting in the south along the borders with the River Kingdoms.

With little guidance or direction, she was always happy to have company and coin for her natural assets, and has proven gifted with wielding her great sword she has rather lovingly named Rutz after a curse her father used to groan when his axe would get lodged when chopping wood.

Of her family, she speaks very little, she only wants companionship and a chance at adventure, owing no real allegiance to Brevoy other than a few scraps of colored cloth she keeps tied about her waist, and her enlistment orders still sealed in a waxed leather bundle at the bottom of her satchel.

In general, while not being overtly lawful, her nature is generally good, she has her own internal moral compass that seems hot tempered at some times, and generally apathetic at others – except where companions safety is concerned, she has found that rolling with the flow will not get you flogged in the regimental stocks, and its best to sometimes look the other way when a hungry mouth finds an unattended loaf of Brevoyan hard bread.


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