Gravethorn Company

Formed by Isabeau Javair from the ashes of the Stag Lord’s bandits, the Gravethorn Company has proven to be a reliable mercenary company loyal to their word. This is thanks to the determined leadership of Baroness Javair herself.

Operating out of Gravethorn the Gravethorn Company maintains the peace in the Barony of Sanglier, while also serving as an auxiliary force for the Kingdom of Antedom.


White and Green

Coat of Arms

Rampant Boar Entangled in Thorn



Baroness Isabeau Javier


Falgrim Sneeg — Rogue

Circle of Nethys

Cylos Neth — Sorcerer
Cyres Neth — Sorcerer
Merys Neth — Cleric of Nethys


Auchs — Barbarian
14x Thorns — Warrior, Scale Mail, Short Spear, Short Sword, Small Round Shield, Longbow

Gravethorn Company

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