Antedom Holidays

The Rising Dawn – Iomedus (Jan)
-As dawn rises on the last day of Iomedus, the people of Antedom stand outside in the cold to greet the rising sun of the new year. From sun up to sun down a no work is allowed as plenty of food and drink is distributed to all.

The Day of Resting Dead – Pharast (March)
-This holiday consists of a quite ceremony blessing the passing of Antedom residents over the last year. After the ceremony celebrating a loved one’s transition to the afterlife, it is tradition to drink hard cider and moonshine and tell tales of the dead and ghosts deep into the night.

Founding Day – Sarenith (June)
-A week of festivities ending with a rowdy day of celebration marking the founding of Antedom.

Huntsman’s Day – Erastus (July)
-An open day of hunting, workers are released for a day to try their luck. All lands claimed by Antedom are open to hunters on this day.

All Hallows Eve – Lamashan (Oct)
-A wild day is celebrated with dancing and the wearing of masks, the kissing of strangers is encouraged to confirm they are alive for, as all know, you cannot give a good kiss if you are dead!

Midwinter – Kuthona (Dec)
-A feast day marking the shortest day of the year, when winter is at it’s peak.

Antedom Holidays

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