With the tangled woodland of the Narlmarches to the west and the rugged hills of the Kamelands to the east the Greenbelt is a haven for bandits. The lack of dangerous inhabitants other than indigenous tribes of kobolds and mites makes this the safest of the four regions for “freelance banditry,” although recent rumors hold that a particularly powerful bandit known as the Stag Lord has risen to unite and lead the region’s brigands.


Oleg’s Trading Post
Bokken’s Hut: Purveyor of Potions
Fairy Nest: Home of Tyg-Titter-Tut and Perlivash
Radish Patch: Growing place of moon radishes, Oleg’s favorite. Beware hungry kobolds.
Temple of the Elk: Purified shrine to Erastil
Thorn River Camp: Thieves and cutthroats put to the sword.


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