Updated: 20 June 2015
8813 Gold (in loose coin)

Mundane Gear (Prices are listed as Market Value for one unit):
5x Leather Armor (10 g)
2x Studded Leather (25 g)
1x +1 leather armor (1160 g)
1x +1 Keen Trident (8365 g)
12x Short Sword (10 g)
5x Spear (5 g)
10x Daggers (2 g)
128x Long Bow Arrows (1 g)
10x Long Bows (75 g)
1x Small Metal Chest (2 g)
1x Onyx Carving (13 g)
1x Soiled Pouch (- g)
2x Bottles Alchemist Fire (20 g)
1x Silver Ring (35 g)
1x Pewter Drinking Stine (12 g)
1x Jade Carving of a Naked Female Elven Monk (85 g)
5x Silver Amulet (Staglord’s Symbol) (20 Gold)
4x 50 ft Rope, Silk (10 g)
1x Tools (Hammers Nails (- g)
3x Pack Horses (75 g)
1x Heavy Warhorse (300 g)
1X Riding Saddle (10 g)
4x Military Saddle (35 g)
3x Pack Saddle (5 g)
4x Bit & Bridle (2 g)
4x Saddle Bags (4 g)
1x Wagon (35 g)
34x Bear Trap (4 g)
6x Wolf Pelts (10 g)
3x citrine (50 g)
1x Dragonhide Breastplate (900 g) (Werewolf Dude)
1x Gold Armbands (100 g)

On Order (Prices are listed as Market Value for one unit):
Order — (Days 0/10):

Magic Gear:
1x Potion of Cure Serious Wounds (500 g) (Kevlann)
1x Potions of Cure medium Wounds (300 g) (Kevlann)
1x Potion of Bull Strength (225 g) (Kevlann)
1x Master Crafted Breastplate (350 g) (Kevlann)
1x Boots of Elevenkind (2500 g) (Kevlann)
1x Master Crafted Buckler (155 g) (Kevlann)
1x +1 Long Sword (2315 g) (Kevlann)
6x +1 Arrows of Animal Bane (415 g) (Kevlann)
1x Master Crafted Longbow (375 g) (Kevlann)
1x Potion of Bull Strength (225 g) (Fell)
1x Potions of True Strike (50 g) (Fell)
1x Master Crafted Shortbow, Composite +4 (775 g) (Fell)
1x +2 Fey Bane Longsword (18365 g) (Fell)
1x +1 Breastplate (1350 g) (Fell)
2x Scroll of Resist Elements (125 g) (Gravefoot)
1x Scroll of Cure Moderate wounds (250 g) (Gravefoot)
1x Ring of Swimming (2500 g) (Gravefoot)
1x +1 Rapier (2320 g) (Arumn)
1x Wand of Burning Hands (1500 g 27 charges remaining) (Arumn)
1x Wand of Magic Missile (2250 g 22 charges remaining) (Arumn)
1x Musical Instrument, Masterwork (100 g) (Arumn)
1x Succubus Belt Buckle (30 g) (Arumn)
1x Masterwork Cold Iron Longspear (375 g) (Valen)
1x +2 Crown of Charisma (2000 g) (Valen)
1x +1 Mithral Chain Shirt (2100 g) (Valen)
1x Amulet of Natural Armor +1 (2000 g) (Valen)
1x Scroll of Summon Monster II (Arcane) (125 g) (Valen)
1x Scroll of Fly (375 g) (Valen)
1x Elemental Gem of Water (2250 g) (Valen)
2x Potion of Cure Light Wounds (50 g) (Valen)
1x Spellbook (Identify, Unseen Servant, Reduce Person, Mage Armor, Silent Image) (65 g) (Valen)
1x Gold Armbands (100 g) (Valen)
1x Staglord Helm (? g)

Key Gear:
1x Holy Symbol of Erastil (From a slain Wolf)
1x Crude map with a claw shaped tree
1x Unfinished Map of the Greenbelt
1x Master Crafted Dagger (Bokken’s Brother’s) (352 g)
1x Silver Ring (Bokken’s Mothers?) (?? g)
1x Undercommon Note
1x Tartuk’s Journal
2x Tatzlwyrm Hide
1x Tuskgutter Hide
1x Tree Feather Token (?)

Militia Supplies:
8x Leather Armor (10 g)
8x Long Spears (5 g)
8x Light Crossbows (35 g)


Kingmaker Osman